Q: Where is the best place to park at the show?
Parking is available on site


Q: How do I order services such as electricity or water?
A: The order forms are included in the exhibitor manual that is emailed to you prior to the show.  These forms need to be sent to the address/fax number on the forms. 


Q: Do table & chairs come with my exhibit space?
A: No.  The exhibit space does not include these items but does included standard pipe and drape and an identification sign.  These items may be rented through the show decorator or you may bring them yourself. 


Q: How do I purchase additional tickets or badge?
A: Contact the show office at 910-485-0090 or fill out the order form that will be included with your exhibitor manual. 


Q: Where will I get my exhibitor badges?
A: You will receive your badge allotment when you check in at the show prior to setting up on Thursday.  Please make sure you check in prior to Friday, as you will not be allowed into the exhibit hall without your badges.